Why you should use granite in your house

Countertops are not the only place to use granite in your home. There are many other applications for this natural stone: walls, floors, facades and, of course, kitchen worktops. The beauty, resistance, durability and versatility make it an ideal product for construction and decoration. Here you have some great projects using granite: 



Natural stone floor

Natural stone floor coverings have lower environmental and economic impact than other materials

  Natural stone floor coverings have significantly lower environmental and economic impact than other covering materials such as ceramics, carpets, PVC, laminates and parquet. This is the major conclusion of a team of researchers from the Institute for Materials in Construction at the University of Stuttgart, after carrying out a new comprehensive study about sustainability of floor coverings from […]





Quartzite for pools

5 types of natural stone for swimming pool floors

Which are the best tiles for your outdoor swimming pool? There are some special considerations that should be taken into account, such as slip resistance, durability and safety. According to these requirements, natural stone is the perfect material for swimming pool floors. Here you have 5 types of natural stone for your poolscape.



Stone paving with INFERCOA

Natural stone for external paving

There is no question of stone‘s durability in pavements, demonstrated by the numerous architectural remains that were constructed from this products. Natural stone pavings for outdoor use have many advantages: beauty, durability and design possibilities. 



Stone floors for winter

5 benefits of natural stone floors in winter

Natural stone is also the correct choice for flooring in autumn or winter. Beautiful, sturdy and extremely long-lasting, natural stone is one of the only flooring materials that can be used both indoord and outdoors with ease. But, why should we choose a natural stone flooring in autumn or winter?

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