Granite is the most popular choice for countertops, a trend of a growing market

The global countertop market is showing an upward trend all over the world. A positive fact of this evolution is that more and more consumers are preferring granite countertops thanks to the high level of quality and relatively lower cost. 

These are some of the conclusions of the report Countertop Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 – 2026 published by Future Market Insights. This review explores the countertop market and the factors of its global growth. 


Granite for kitchen countertopThe global countertop market is exhibiting a steady growth throughout the world due to a rise in the disposable incomes and a rise in the employment levels, particularly in the United States. Residential construction is growing in USA, where customers have more credit available for the home renovations thank to low interest rates. This adds a boost to the countertop market in the United States.

In addition, the consumers are preferring stone as their choice of countertops because of the rising low cost imports of granite during the last decade. Furthermore, consumers are choosing granite due to its high aesthetic appeal. These two factors explain why granite is the most popular choice for the countertops. 

The granite material type segment was expected to account for more than one-fourth of the revenue share of the material type category by the end of the year 2017.


Granite for kitchen countertop

Granite, a hard and compact igneous rock formed by quartz, feldspar and mica, is a great choice for any contemporary construction. Here you have some reasosn why this natural stone is your best home investment:


This natural stone is available different surface finishes such as flamed -protecting the stone for outdoor use-, chiseled -giving the stone a rustic appearance- or polished, a non-porous finish making the stone highly resistant to external agents. A polished granite countertop will revalue your property.


Granite is naturally resistant to moisture, scratching or heat. A granite countertop can remain unchanged for decades. The natural resistance and hardness of this rock is unmatched. For instace, if you take a hot pan out of the oven, you can place it directly on your countertop surface without any harm.


A granite countertop provide a wide variety of aesthetic looks. The colors, textures and schemes are perfect for all kinds of decorative uses creating stylish designs. Elegant and sophisticated, granite brings lightness and brillance to any contemporary project.

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