STONEPANEL™, the safest natural stone panel on the market thanks to its system, patented 10 years ago

STONEPANEL™ is an innovative cladding system of pre-assembled panels of natural stone, created and patented by CUPA GROUP and manufactured exclusively by CUPA STONE. This pioneering material on the market has an innovative mechanical anchor, patented more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, STONEPANEL™ is the only natural stone panel certified and guaranteed for outdoor use. Attachments STONEPANEL […]





Lanchester Medical Centre has been finished in STONEPANEL™

STONEPANEL™, the perfect finish and traditional aesthetic for Lanchester Medical Centre in UK

Lanchester Medical Centre has been finished in our innovative cladding system STONEPANEL™ to provide a traditional aesthetic for this new development in Lanchester (UK). A modern and sustainable building that meets the needs of the requirements of the smaller surgery that was located in the village. Edwards Architecture designed the project using BIM (Building Information Modelling). 

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